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I am so out of the internet habit -- not just here but everywhere, gone on facebook, on email, on the comms and forums where I so creepily and enjoyably lurked my way through so many nights -- that I had to go check out my icons page before I started writing this to make sure I remembered which image went with which words. This will not stand, internet!

I figure that NaBloPoMo might just be a good place to start easing myself back into the groove, though; in fact, NaBloPoMo seems an especially good way to do it. I'll post every day, reacquaint myself with my peeps and their lives, and after thirty days of due diligence, I'll have redeveloped a habit. Supposedly it only takes two weeks, right?

Anyway. Hi! It's good to see you all around! It's nice to be back! And I hope you saved me a seat, even if I don't really deserve it.


November seems to get a bad rap from lots of people, but in the deep south, it's a glorious month, especially here in Georgia. The weather's finally, reliably cooled off -- no runs of 90-plus-degree days to worry about -- and the leaves are turning. The days are the kind that I love best: cool in the shade and warm in the sun, which is blindingly, splendidly sunny. And the nights! Chilly, but not outright cold, just the right temperature to put the down blanket on my bed, the oversized down blanket that I bought on ebay with such a high thread count that the fabric's practically frictionless. I rub my face on the satin trim like a cat. I snuggle under with socks on, and by the time I wake up, I'm toasty and I've kicked the socks off and I have to dig them out from the bedding.

November makes up for a lot of things. It makes up for endless work weeks and undisciplined dogs and sinus headaches and hot summers. November is my reward for sticking it out this long, and it's a good one.


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