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My first week at my new job is going pretty well. Have I mentioned what I am doing? Because I know you've been dying to know but are far too polite to ask. (We have such an unnecessarily reserved relationship, you and I.) I work for a company that produces a financial software semi-customized for loan companies and banks, and several ancillary applications and add-on modules as well; and I am now a software tester. I'm starting with testing software updates, and eventually I'll be testing new versions. Also doing a fair bit of technical writing, support manuals and help screens for new versions and such.

I've spent the first few days becoming accustomed to my new duties and the new pace of work, which is much less stressful than what I was doing before, possibly because I don't spend all my time dealing with actual customers, and this suits me just fine. And My New Desk, in my office which I am sharing with my coworker D and a radio that plays Lite Rock Radio for nine hours per day, which raises the stress bar just a little, multiple playings of "All Night Long," of course, being a known stressor. Maybe I will make a floor plan for you, won't that be nice? (This reminds me that I've never given you a floor plan of my new apartment; what a bad friend I am, denying you this chance to see the glory in which I live!)

The work itself and the way that I'm expected to do it suit me pretty much ideally. It is meticulous and nitpicking and requires some flexible thinking, and projects are assigned with a priority level and an estimated time frame for completion and you complete them without anyone looking over your shoulder unless you want them to be there, or I guess unless you are taking an inordinate amount of time to finish. Anyway, all these things combined make me very happy, though they might drive some people crazy.

And I come home every day, and there is my little apartment waiting for me and my dog and cats waiting for me. No high-speed internet, but I feel this is a minor consideration, so minor that I am not even scrambling to get high-speed for the moment, thought I'm sure I will eventually.


Also, I had forgotten that colors on a laptop screen look very different from colors on a desktop screen. I changed my layout the other night, and what looks like a very pretty color scheme on my laptop -- pale aqua blues and sandy beiges -- looks like absolute ass on my computer at work, as I discovered just now when I decided to catch up on LJ on my lunch hour.

I will be fixing this someday soon. Not today, though.


And finally, I got a T-Shirt in the mail yesterday, from the gas company which is apparently charging me $40.00 per month even though I am not actually using natural gas in my apartment, which is a story for another day. But I digress! The shirt! On the front is a little company logo where the pocket would be if there were a pocket. On the back, in giant letters, it reads, "I'VE GOT GAS!" This shirt just makes me laugh like a loon every time I see it. I wish I were brave enough to wear it. Failing that, I wish I had a nine-year-old boy to give it to.
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My hair is looking less entirely repulsive today.

Also, I for certain sure have that in-office job. Not only that, it looks as though I may never have to go on another business trip again.

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Oh my, it feels good to be done. I have only this left to say about this past week: with any luck, I will get fired before I have to live through another one like it. Oh, and this too: Texans, they are funny about hotel decor. They are all about brown. They are all about paneling. They must never have a counter plain when fake marble will do. But their bathtubs are pretty fucking comfy.

I have to repack, I guess, but I am going to put that off for a little while to waste time, just because I can.

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