This morning, there was a comment in my inbox from a friend of mine (shoutout to [ profile] laurelwood!) talking about her family's efforts to adopt a pet rabbit from the local animal shelter; they are biting their nails in their (previously unworn!) underpants kerchiefs while they wait to hear whether they get an interview. I hope they do get one, because surely Brooke alone will see to it that that rabbit will have the best life of any rabbit that there ever was. (I mean, I have openly wished at times that the [ profile] laurelwood family would adopt me!)

Anyway, Laurel mentioned in passing that the process for adoption seems amazingly stringent in her town, and she goes on to say, I'll bet dog adopters are subject to credit tests and fingerprinting! and that is the subject of my post today, that I hope they are, that I hope that they do those things and that they check on adopters with some sort of pet social worker for a year after adoption just to make certain they are doing what they've promised to do. What, you know, everyone is morally obligated to do after promising to take charge of the physical and mental welfare of another living creature.

I am feeling all angry and upset and misanthropic this morning, see. Skip this if you don't want to listen to me rant, and warning for excessive use of italics. )

On the plus side, today is the first day in it seems like weeks that we haven't had a heat index of over 105 degrees F. It hardly seems like adequate compensation, though.



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