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For my first Yuletide, I received not one amazing story, but two! Amazing, and entirely different from each other, so I am feeling particularly lucky today.

My request fill was a Spirited Away story, As There Is Light, There Is Radiance. It's a gentle, lyrical vignette-album that showcases Chihiro and Kohaku's loneliness and longing for each other, and their certainty that they will reconnect. The author never loses her way through ten years of story, and her delicate touch never falters. It's gorgeous.

As for my unexpected fill, ohhhh, man. I feel it is silly to ask if you're in the mood for a Jane Austen's Fight Club crossover called Jane Eyre Has a Posse (in which several tempestuous Brontë ladies school the more repressed Austen characters, in more ways than one), because who wouldn't be? I don't feel its brilliance can be properly described in a single paragraph, but trust me, you're better off just wallowing for a while.

Today, I'm clutching my fics to my chest like a six-year-old with her first puppy. So happy, you guys, so happy.
constance: (*writes*)
You guys, I finished my Yuletide story! Finished, finished, finished! Well, I mean. It's still with My Splendid Beta, so there's that. And also, the title seemed like a good idea at the time, but the more I look at it, the less happy I am with it. Still, though! 4500 words written, and it went where I told it to go. So I say, loudly and brooking no contradiction: finished!

Unless My Splendid Beta hates it. Please, universe, let My Splendid Beta not hate it.


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