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I have found a new home to love.

I went this afternoon running errands (a trip to Lowe's, where the edges of the hurricane glanced over us just long enough for me to load my car up in pouring rain) and decided on my way home to drive through a neighborhood which had a lovely house for sale which was a little bit outside my budget but still possible, provided I stopped eating out and started eating beans and rice, and that sort of thing. It is lovely, and the neighborhood is lovely, and even more than that house I love this house down the street, which is, I grant you, kind of messy in this tax assessor's photo, but which is standing empty and adorable now.

I want this house. I haven't called to find out anything about it yet, but I feel the house lust in me rising. Rising. Riiiising.


I was going to write more, about religion in the workplace, and about birthdays and conversations in the car, but my weekend has so far consisted of doing fuck-all, and I have to get busy. I'll try to write these entries later, and I know you'll be waiting for the moment I decide to post, but I couldn't let the afternoon go by without announcing that I have turned my fickle attentions to a new object of beauty.

Oops my parents are here :O bye


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