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I have a growing list of things I've been meaning to mention, but somehow, I never manage to get my update page open. Usually, when I'm not updating I'm feeling tongue-tied, but not this time -- this time I have actually been busy. Yes! It seems impossible, but it is true!

The thing I have been busy at is fannish in nature: I've finally gotten around to building a simple website to house all those house plans I said I'd draw, like, back in September of last year. I've got several designed and half formatted, but one is ready to go -- not the first, but the simplest -- and I thought I'd share it as part of a test run. An enticement, if you will, to get you to take a look at the site and make sure everything makes sense to you.

The plan itself isn't really a test run, though! It is complete! And it was lots of fun to put together.

The fanarchitecture site

Plans for Pooh and Piglet's House, designed for resonant

So, more to come, pending any recommended site changes, including versions of older plans reworked for the annoying limitations of Google Sites. (Well, I say annoying, because it's not gonna be fun to rewrite my ancient Grimmauld Place plan, but on the other hand, working with Google Sites means never having to spend two weeks testing eye-crossing javascript, so that's a little plus right there.)



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