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Yay for yuletide! My first year as a participant was an almost universally fantastic experience. I wrote two fics, my offered fic for Michael Chabon's Wonder Boys (The Younger Generation) for [personal profile] pluvial_poetry, and one treat for Kate Beaton's Brontë sisters in Hark! A Vagrant (Blood Will Have Blood) for [personal profile] bowdlerized. They were both stories that I was thrilled to mull over and write.

And coupled with the stories I received and adored (As There Is Light, There Is Radiance by tsukara, and Jane Austen Has a Posse by bowdlerized, which I talk a little more about here), I feel as though I couldn't possibly have asked any more of the exchange. *beams at everyone*

I do have one question, though, a glitch that I have the feeling is my fault for accidentally skipping a step I shouldn't have skipped. I received my request in good order, wrote it, had My Splendid Beta [profile] leestone read it, and finally posted it on the 21st -- and yet my poor recipient still had her original offer sent out for a pinch hit on the 23rd. Was there something I should have done to notify the mods of my submission? I'm not sorry my recipient got extra stories, in the least -- the more stories the better, right? -- I just feel bad that she might have been spared a pinch-hit freakout, when it wasn't really warranted. :/
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