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There was a buncha stuff I meant to do today: laundry, cleaning, maybe the beginning of my Christmas shopping. I was gonna start reviewing canon for my Yuletide story, maybe. Bring some things to Goodwill.

It was gonna be a busy day, you dig?

None of that got done. Here's what I did instead: got up, fed the pets, walked the dogs. Built a house in The Sims, which really deserves its own entry in My Month of Awesome (not the house, although of course it is mighty fine -- Prairie Style, if you were wondering -- but the housebuilding, which is still, after all these years, my favorite part of the Sims by far) and took many hours. Ate some pie. Walked the dogs again. Fed everybody. Took a bath. Did all of this to the tune of the Temeraire books, which I'm finally getting around to reading. I didn't talk to a single human being, though I did have a couple of discussions with the pets, whose opinions on dog-walkers are outspoken.

Nothing, nothing productive got done today, unless you count the fact that when my Sims family gets rich enough they'll be able to live in a spiffing house. Well, that and my dogs are most definitely more bearable when they get their walkies. But regardless of how little actually got done, it was a good day.


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