Nov. 3rd, 2011

(3) rain

Nov. 3rd, 2011 08:28 pm
constance: (*sloshes*)
It doesn't rain nearly as much here as it did back home, and not just because we're having a years-long rainfall deficit. It's just a different kind of climate, is all, southern rather than tropical. No daily afternoon summer rains that don't cool things down so much as render everything limp and sodden, in the air all day, progressively more humid, until the clouds get too wet to hold together and start to fall apart all over you.

That doesn't happen here, and it's surprising how much I miss that. I miss the tempestuousness of tropical storms, too, as much as the regularity of them, the thunder and lightning, the sheets of solid water drowning the world for miles around, a sort of natural sensory deprivation chamber. Here, the rain is much more mannerly. It falls politely for a while, and then slows to a gentle halt, and it's very rare to hear even a rumble of thunder, much less the crashing, flashing craziness I remember.

Still, though. I love stepping out on the porch, smelling the ozone in the air, letting the water splash on my toes. I love watching the dogs out in it -- they hate the rain, but take three times as long about peeing out in it, taking extra precious minutes getting exponentially wetter to stare dolefully and accusingly at me. And hey, I do sorta get it, because God knows that as much as I like rain, I wouldn't enjoy peeing out in it, but they're just making it worse, and explaining that the longer they're out there the wetter they'll be never seems to do any good (who knows what my neighbors think of me, trying to have reasonable conversations with a couple of dogs).

Anyway. Rain: I like it. It's raining now, and I'm on my way outside for a few minutes, to wet my toes and shiver in a demented but pleased manner.


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