Aug. 3rd, 2011

constance: (*perches*)
Four months. Four months! How did that even happen?

I never feel like talking when it's hot, though, there's that. And this summer has been deliriously, maniacally hot. (102°F today, and that is pretty typical.) Most days, I have to force myself out of a blinding fog of dangerous, silent aggression, and the fact that my air conditioner can't keep up and has frozen up approximately ten times since mid-July, that is not making me any friendlier. My dogs are lucky still to be alive, I tell you what.

And! There were also vacations, two of them, one obligatory and one sheer pleasure (although honestly the obligatory one was fun too). Birds were cooed over and bear cubs were sighted and projects were completed. Long-long-long-awaited books were read. Milestone films were viewed. I drew real, hands-on, pencil-to-paper (or anyway, conté crayon to paper) pictures for the first time in I can't remember how long, which was satisfying enough for me to want to do it again sometime.

But because I was busy and snarlingly overheated, there was little livejournal, until I was readying myself to make a post last week, and I accidentally broke livejournal in my ambition. And I was frustrated and discouraged enough over breaking livejournal to back off and give it a miss for a while longer, until I happened to catch a glimpse of the date stamp on my last entry, and FOUR MONTHS. You guys, I suddenly missed this lj and everyone on it like burning, and you know that I live in Georgia: we know from burning in Georgia.

So. I have no real news to report, but I did just want to say hi, and I miss you, and other stuff like that. I hope you're okay this summer. Tell me you're okay!


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