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I'm not a wine drinker. I'm not really a drinker at all, in fact. I'll have one or two (never more) drinks on a Friday night, and that's just about it.

I love buying wine, though, not because I know anything about it -- I really, really don't -- but because I have so many lovely labels to choose from. One of my favorite things to do on a weekend is head up to Your DeKalb Farmer's Market and browse for never-before-dreamt-of vegetables and yummy baked goods and wine with pretty labels. I mean, I could shop for wine with pretty labels anywhere, it's true, but YDFM makes it especially satisfying for a know-nothing like me by helpfully posting wine reviews, so I can read while I look, and then not only do I have a pretty wine, but also a reasonably decent one. And then I bring it home and stare at it and dust it and sometimes pat it fondly without ever uncorking it, and have I mentioned that I don't drink much? And then a friend comes to visit and we drink a bottle or two, and I can go out and replenish, and have more aesthetically pleasing bottles to gaze upon.

Sometimes, though, I love a label so much that it doesn't matter so much what's in the bottle. Currently, I'm starry-eyed over the Two Hoots label and labels. I haven't tasted the wine yet -- it's just so pretty I don't want to spoil the bottle by opening it -- but I love it nonetheless.

Do you have a thing like that, you'll buy it for looks alone and who gives a crap how it actually performs the task it was meant for?

Date: 2011-11-15 01:38 pm (UTC)
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Those owls are the cutest! I don't blame you at all.

This almost never happens to me (I think the last time was the Toasted Head cabernet sauvignon, the label of which features a truly irresistible bear breathing fire). But yesterday I was wooed by a package of Newman's Own organic peppermints.

I know you can't see it in the crappy resolution of the above image, but the ram in the picture really does have the most thoughtful, quietly pleased expression on his face. He looks like someone has given him some very enjoyable koan to ponder, and he's not quite smiling, and in a minute he's going to go and find a quiet corner to sit in for the rest of the afternoon and think about it. I usually think that horizontal pupils make animals look silly, but his look terribly wise.


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