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So. You're hypothetically working on a project. Let's say you're (and of course I am pulling this scenario totally at random from my head) working on rebuilding a completely hosed user profile that was probably hosed by your boss, who knows just enough about computers to be dangerous and regards every computer in the office as his personal property, and you've decided to delete the user profile completely and just start the hell over. Except that you get to this point where you can't reconnect to the server (which normally is so easy when you're working in Windows 7 that you end up feeling like you've skipped a step just because it's all over so quickly), and you know you're missing a crucial bit, but you cannot for the life of you figure out what it is, and you spin your wheels for a good forty minutes trying to force it to happen, and every time you try something you feel a little bit farther away from making it work.

But then! Then suddenly it comes to you, what that missing piece might be, and you make this one deceptively tiny change, and

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suddenly the road is smooth before you, and the rest is just tidying up. I love, love that moment of realization, when you know you've solved your problem. In that one moment, you are amazing.


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